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Climax Creatures Series Q-MECH Aggy. Available Now!

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Available Now!
Height: 18cm
Main body Weight: 400g
Designer: Inson-Song
This is a designer toy inspired by a Mascot of a China website
The name in Chinese means Overloaded Chicken, which appear whenever the website server is overloaded.
The main body is composed of around 60% of diecast metal, mainly on the outer shell.
It also features transforming function to reveal its weapons hidden between its arms.
Both arms are detachable, enabling it to interchange parts with future products.
INSON-SONG, co-founder of WAZZUP family, toy designer, cultural promoter, musician.
about WAZZUP family
WAZZUP family is a semi-open creative organization in China, that actively gets involved in all creative forms, including concept toy, music, video and literature. With an uplifting spirit, WAZZUP family hopes to share love, courage through our works. WAZZUP family summons all creators who share similar values to join and create works that will eliminate the negative energies in life.
about CCS
CCS was founded to better convey the concept of WAZZUP family, which is fun and interesting. CCS is known for its original compound metal toys with delicate structure and adorable form. The debut product Q-MECH created a buzz in China's design circle once it was launched in the market. It's a combination of lovely contour and fearful weapon. Under the cold and heavy metal, Q-MECH is an accusation of wars, which the creator wants to convey through its interesting form.
Climax Creatures Series Q-MECH Aggy. Available Now!

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