War for Cybertron Unicron

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Here are more information regarding War for Cybertron Unicron.


Transformers: War For Cybertron Unicron


USD175 deposit is non refundable after 26th August 2019 if the Hasbro Pulse Unicron Project is confirmed to proceed.

We will refund the deposit in full if the project is cancelled.

Remaining balance and shipping cost will be collected after the items arrival.

NO payment or shippping will be requested until the item arrived in early 2021


Below are some 2019 recent shipping cost for reference. We are expecting some increment in 2021 when the item arrived.

Free Shipping to Hong Kong Addresses

South Korea Fedex reference shipping cost: USD240

Europe Fedex reference shipping cost: USD300

Australia: USD240

Japan: USD170


(Shipping cost for South America is too high recently)


For further details, please email to for enquiry.


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