Major Shipping Fee reduction for order of 2kg or less

Create Date: 2019-03-15 16:30:42

Major Shipping Fee reduction for order of 2kg or less

Dear customers,

Here we discovered a cheaper international shipping and think it will help many of our customers lower their order shipping expenses from 2019 shipping rate!

Its method is “E Express”, under “Air Mail Small Packet” when choosing shipping method.   It allow to ship out parcel under 2kg and within the required dimension, Its normal shipping time needed is 7-14 working days.

It is suitable for shipping smaller items like Transformers Generations Deluxe, single Star Wars/Marvel 6 inches.

Altogether there are 18 countries which is eligible for E-express service. The list is shown below:

For example, recently shipping a 0.5kg item (like most Generations deluxe, Star Wars and Marvel 6” figures etc.) will cost you USD17 to USA by Air Mail small packet.  Now, selecting the same method will only cost you USD10.14.  There are more shipping difference sample listed under the list of countries.

***Please be noted that any packages size is limited by L + W + H = 900mm, while any sides does not exceed 600mm

If the package size does not fit into this requirement, the order is not eligible for E-express service. Robotkingdom will request additional shipping charge when needed***

Below is the list of countries eligible for e-Express Service

United States

United Kingdom




South Korea




New Zealand










<<<After we integrate the system, the shipping cost will be updated to: >>>

0.5kg (1pcs of Transformers Deluxe/Marvel Star Wars 6 inch figure)

Air Mail Small Packet: USD10.14

Air Mail Parcel: USD40.14

EMS: USD42.86


1kg (1pcs of Transformers Voyager)

Air Mail Small Packet: USD14.43

Air Mail Parcel: USD40.14

EMS: USD46.29


2kg (2pcs Transformers Voyager)

Air Mail Small Packet: USD23

Air Mail Parcel: USD51.29

EMS: USD57.57


Robotkingdom Crew