Titan Return Stickers Wave 2

Create Date: 2016-09-23 14:34:36
Titan Return Stickers Wave 2 Available on 3rd October 2016!


For any customers who purchased the Hasbro Titans Return Wave 2 items with USD40 or above, will receive 1 Hasbro Exclusive Titans Return Wave 2 Sticker Per Order!

Any customers who already purchased the items below and eligible for getting the stickers, please email to We will include the stickers in your future order.


Generations 2016 Leader Titan Returns Wave 2 Soundwave.



Generations 2016 Titan Returns Voyager Wave 2 Astrotrain and Alpha Trion set of 2.



Generations 2016 Deluxe Titan Returns Wave 2 Set of 4.



Generations 2016 Legends Titans Return Wave 2 Case of 8.



Generations 2016 Titans Return Titan Master Wave 2 Set of 4.


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