Company Profile

Welcome to Robotkingdom!

Starting from year 2000, Robotkingdom have been growing into one of world's largest online store profession in Transformers Franchise.

At the very beginning, Robotkingdom is found by a group of Transformers fans, aiming to spread the love of Transformers into the world. We started by searching for vintage items upon request from customers. Just like founding of every other company, Robotkingdom experience plenty of enjoyable and hard period. From time to time, a stable relationship was established with a huge variation of Producer sourcing transformers related products. The great success on the movie also help us to spread our name among Transformers fans in the worlds.

Recently we have featured over 40 brands, beyond 5000 products while it is still increasing. Our professional team provide you the best from over 10 years of experience on collectibles. Yes, we do not consider Transformers as a toy only, but a collectibles for our memories from childhood.

In the future, Robotkingdom will expand our business into other Robot Animations, Heroes comics etc. Everything you dream of will be here. Let's join our Robot Kingdom, bringing imagination into our life.


Robots and Heroes are never a childish image. They are part of our life, and the encouragement for us to proceed into the future.


Robotkingdom President